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Ankara Univerity Face Market and State Regulation

By Aytül Kasapoğlu, Ankara University The University of Ankara  was established in 1946 and comprises faculties of Law, Letters, Science, Medicine, Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine, Divinity, Political Sciences, Pharmacy, Dental Medicine, Educational Sciences, Communication, Health Education and Engineering. Located in the…


Reource Scarcity in Armenia

By Gevorg Poghosyan, Armenian Sociological Association In Armenia sociology is developing in academic institutions, state and private universities, think-tanks and NGOs. The Yerevan State University (YSU) was founded in 1919. Today YSU has 22 Faculties of History, Linguistics, Philosophy, Law,…

“Free and Secure Univeritie” in Turkey

Derya Ozkul – Alumna of Bogazici University  Note: To understand the situation of Turkish universities in crisis, one would need to write about the overarching neoliberal policies and all the attempts at policing the resistance against them. Yet this would…

Budget Cut Hit Reearch Funding in Japan

By Yoshimichi Sato, Tohoku University The new cabinet in Japan is planning to substantively reduce the budget of the Global Centers of Excellence (COE) Program. The purpose of the program is to foster excellent research/education centers in Japan so that…


Chilean Student Fighting for Free Education

El movimiento estudiantil chileno ha sido todo un hito dentro de la movilización social de la post-dictadura y ha logrado sumar a mayorías estudiantiles a un proceso de cuestionamiento de algunas de las bases estructurales del sistema educacional vigente. Si…

Battle for USP

By Ruy Braga, University of  São Paulo On June 9th 2009 the military attacked the building of the Faculty of Philosophy, Literature and Human Sciences of the University of São Paulo (USP) with gas bombs, concussion grenades and rubber bullets….